Rearranging My Schedule

Once again I am trying to find time to spend with the Lord.  I have always tried to do it in the morning before anyone got up.  This is just not working for me.  For one thing I am not a morning person.  Secondly, it seems that someone is always getting up while I am doing devotions or right before I am to do them.  These times require some coaxing and cuddling to get the youngster to drift back off to sleep.  Often resulting in a sleeping mommy too.

So, here is my proposal to myself, I will start doing my devotions at 10:00pm.  I am much more awake at this time.  And all my little angels are sleeping happily at this hour.  Even my husband has often fallen asleep, since he gets up so early in the mornings for work.  I am hoping to stick to this schedule better.  I think I will get more from my studying.  Just need to stick to it!



Life has swept me up and thrown me over a cliff.  Busyness has taken over.  Devotions have gone by the wayside.  I am tired.  I am lonely.  I need the Lord’s loving arms around me.  I have failed to make Him my first priority and I am feeling the after effects in my life. 

Lord, please help me to awake earlier than the children in the morning.  Help me to be wide awake when the alarm sounds.  Erase the all consuming exhaustion I feel at that hour of the day.  Help my feet to find the floor quickly so that I don’t succumb to the warmth of my bed.  Create in me a desire to read and learn from your word.  I can’t do this of my own free will.  I am making a miserable mess at any attempt to do daily devotions.  I need your strength and guidance.  Help me Lord!  

Your loving servant