Black Raspberry Jam without Pectin

SycamoreLane Photography-3-2

With this recipe you can make preserves or a jam.  I prefer less seeds in mine so I run my berries through a food mill to extract the juice and eliminate a good portion of the seeds.  The premise of this recipe is that you can use whatever berries you have.  If you only have one pound of berries then use 1/2 a pound of sugar and 1/2 ounce of lemon juice.

I like bigger batches so I try to get at least 4 pounds of juice each time I make this.

Black Raspberry Jam

4 lbs of washed and sorted berries (or 4 lbs extracted juice)

2 lbs of sugar (white or pure cane)

2 oz of freshly squeezed lemon juice

Bring ingredients to a boil.  Continue boiling.  Stir to prevent sticking and scorching.  Cook down until jam thickens and passes the spoon test.  Take a cold spoon dip into the jam hold it about 12 inches above the pot.  Tip it and if the jam is jelled it will side off the spoon in a glob rather than dripping.

Ladle into hot canning jars. Top with lids and rings.  Process in a hot water bath ten minutes.  Yield 4 pints + 1 half pint


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